blah blah blah blah blah

The stars they pose
each a bright red rose
in a place that’s always lost
don’t hold on
to who you’ve been
till you’ve found out 
who you’re not.

every paths a winding road 
till the day that you get caught
and then you take her
and you taste what you have got.
in disbelief
of the chemicals
the image and the law
i’m thankful that
there’s nothing that
time has not

well we are who we are.
we’re criminals and shooting stars
so let just watch
the sky from mars
and travel through 
our hidden parts.
we’ll be exposed
in time you know
but for now we’re works of art.

yes I’ve changed.
i mean i’m still the same.
i mean i just love who you are.

blah blah blah i’m a writer blah blah blah

I saw a light shine in a valley.  It filled it up just like a sink and the water carved out roadways so you and I could meet. It was a simple act of charity, fortune finally gave in.  It had seen me dropping pennies in a well and lent a helping hand.  I came across a fountain in a forest turned to sand but my body became dust and began blowing in the wind.  All my love was scattered out across miles of empty space until one grain came upon you and stuck to the sweat there on your face.  I became flesh again and you were part of me.  We danced there in the desert until it turned into a sea.  You came down with fever and I wiped the salt off of your brow.  I rung the rag out in the sea then began to sing aloud, “In every life there is a death, decay in every breath we take, but I’m glad I didn’t die before I saw your face.  Now we can be one until all the land erodes.  I will keep on loving you until my heart explodes.”

You smiled then and became a song that I could sing.  Every beauty mark became a note that i could play.  I began to take pictures of the oasis we had made so that I’d never forget that we shared a sacred space.  It is there that I dug up 200 lbs of clay and began to sculpt out statues of the future that we’d made.  They were white with fear but had courage on their face and I saw the beauty in the poses that they made. I carved a heart of stone and placed it in sand.  A courageous flower bloomed there, its stem the deepest shade of red.  My jaw fell open and I stood staring in awe.  I swear it was that moment that I finally saw God.  So I dug a deeper hole down to the center of the Earth and built a fine shelter there where we could have rebirth.  It was in this secure place that I felt we could be free.  We had found our centers.  They were you and me.

All the Names

… I’ve been numb for quite some time, but now I feel the presence of the future hanging above me, it’s deceptively still, but the feeling is terrifyingly familiar. Its weight bends my spine. Hunched over, and, unable to breathe, my heart begins whispering forgotten promises we’d made to dead lovers.

At the sound of the first name the specter of the future dissolves. With its pressure gone I raise my head. In the distance I see two foolish youths huddling together to swear off freedoms they had not tasted. There’s a flash of white and I see a young woman with unimaginable strength carrying groceries to her family.

My Heart jumps and whispers all the names to me. I see myself standing next to beautiful girl after beautiful girl. I remember all that I carried in my heart then and the lives we thought we’d live together. All of those dreams, promises, conspiracies, confessions, and short, irreversible, goodbyes fly by in an instant. Hunched over, I close my heart, and, for the first time in years, I can feel the weight of all those names.